Multifunction hydrogen analyser

Paul Boughton

The new MFA-H2 analyser from Witt Gas Techniques Ltd is compact, portable, multifunctional and designed for use at the gas mixer in non-explosive areas within any industry, where furnace technology and heat treatment is used.

Within the steel industry forming gases are essential to obtain the required surface characteristics from the steel being processed. The specific composition of forming gas will be dependent upon the surface treatment process employed, eg annealing, smooth finishing, hardening and strengthening.

For certain surface treatment processes precise control of the forming gas composition is required. Gas mixing equipment operating within this industry should exhibit a high degree of mixing accuracy against tight compositional tolerances for the gas mixture. Witt Gas Techniques designs, manufactures and supplies a range of forming gas analysers and mixing Systems to meet these requirements.

This is the first truly portable H2 analyzer from Witt Gas Techniques. Previous analysers have comprised two separate units, the electrical control cabinet and the measuring cell.

It uses WITT designed software to measure the range and type of gas (Hydrogen or Helium) and there are no limitations on the measuring range, in other words the MFA-H2 can measure hydrogen levels in nitrogen and helium levels in argon.

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