Westinghouse backs nuclear announcement

Paul Boughton

Westinghouse Electric Company has welcomed the UK government's announcement on future energy policy, and the recognition that nuclear energy will continue to play a major role in helping the UK to ensure secure and affordable supplies of energy.

Westinghouse says it also supports the government actions outlined to help remove the key barriers to private sector funding for new nuclear plants.

Westinghouse is now confident that utilities will come forward, wishing to discuss investment in new reactors, and the company is keen to work diligently to help make their plans a reality.

The Westinghouse AP1000 reactor - one of the candidates for a series of new UK plants - is the only Generation III+ design to receive Design Certification from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

It is a reactor overwhelmingly preferred by US utilities - having been selected for 12 out of 16 license applications so far announced. The design is also being considered for the four plants currently under tender in China, and is ready for selection in the UK.

The AP1000 is based on established PWR technology - the most common type of reactor in operation around the world. Westinghouse plants have the largest operational experience base of any vendor, with around half of the world's 440 reactors based on Westinghouse technology.

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