Assessment for environment measures

Paul Boughton

Business in the UK manufacturing sector can quickly assess if they are taking the correct measures required to comply with environmental legislation thanks to a new online questionnaire from NetRegs the free and confidential website that provides practical guidance to small businesses on their environmental obligations.

Solutions to Pollution has been developed by NetRegs - set up by the UK's environmental regulators - in response to its most recent SME-nvironment survey.

The survey found the vast majority of businesses in England and Wales (92 per cent) did not think that they undertook activities that could cause harm to the environment. However, when prompted with a list of potentially harmful activities, 41 per cent admitted to carrying out at least one. The most common were storing chemicals, fuel or oils (47 per cent) and storing waste (30 per cent).

The questionnaire, which challenges assumptions and practices amongst manufacturing businesses, has sections on waste disposal, risk assessment and emergency procedures and can be accessed via a link on the NetRegs homepage.

Richard Martin, Programme Manager at NetRegs, said: If you run a small business it's important to stay up-to-date with your environmental legal requirements. Waste materials produced by your business or within your workplace are regulated by lawand you are responsible for their safe and legal disposal.

"By ensuring compliance with environmental legislationmanufacturers can avoid the risk of prosecution and could benefit commercially in terms of cost savings and improved customer relations."

John HolbrowNational Environment Chairman at the Federation of Small Businessessaid: "Ever changing environmental legislation can be difficult to keep up with and many businesses often don't have the time or resources to keep up with the changes. This assessment tool will hopefully encourage managers and owners to take a closer look at how successful they are in complying with their responsibilities."

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