Pressure transducer with flush diaphragm

Paul Boughton

Where pressure measurements of liquids or gas demand a small, robust transducer, then RDP Electronics' new model S is worthy of further investigation.

Its flush diaphragm is particularly suitable for applications that need to avoid cavities within the pipework while also having minimum external protrusion.

Thanks to their small dimensions and stainless steel construction, model S transducers are well suited to pressure measurements in ranges up to 1378bar (20,000psi). The model S incorporates suitable integral compensation for temperature ranges from -53 to +221 degrees C.

Other features of the model S are an over-range capacity of 50 per cent of full-scale reading and a repeatability of ±0.1 per cent of full scale reading.

Numerous versions of the model S transducers are available for quick delivery from RDP.

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