Bearing reducer' gearboxes

Paul Boughton

Heason Technologies Group has added the innovative TwinSpin gearbox from SPINEA to its wide range of specialist motion control products.

This zero-backlash gearbox integrates a high-precision and high torque, trochoidal gear system into a compact sealed housing that includes heavy duty radial/axial output bearings.

The space-saving single unit concept is referred to as a ‘bearing reducer’ as it replaces the need and expense of additional load support mechanics and its compact design and high torque-to-size ratio offers exceptional application and cost reduction advantages in printing, packaging and converting machinery, electronics production and test equipment, robotics systems and other high-precision/high torque motion control applications.

The TwinSpin uses a patented trochoidal gear reduction principle that includes two offset ‘transformation members’ fitted with eccentric planetary gears that mesh via precision needle rollers in a large gear ring - as the input shaft rotates the eccentric action of the planetary gearing causes the outer ring to rotate in the same direction.

The input to output reduction is determined by the ratio between the planetary and ring gear teeth. With almost 50 per cent simultaneous gear meshing, the teeth are able to efficiently transmit very high torque with backlash-free performance.

The TwinSpin bearing reducer is also able to withstand as much as five times overload torque under emergency stop conditions and the torsional and axial stiffness characteristics of the complete unit make it suitable for the most demanding applications.

Furthermore, the design has a low input inertia rating allowing fast response in a servo system and noise and vibration levels are suited to sensitive application areas such as precision measurement and vision inspection machinery, automated laboratory and medical equipment.

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