Intelligent single board cameras

Paul Boughton

Intelligent single board cameras for industrial applications from Vision Components are especially designed for OEM applications.

Delivered without a housing, these cameras are suitable even for demanding tasks. Due to their highly compact dimensions (60 x 80 x 35 mm), they can be easily integrated into plants and machines.

The new single board cameras VCSBC4016 and VCSBC4018 are available as colour and black-and-white models.

Both feature a 400 MHz processor from Texas Instruments which has a computing power of 3,200 MIPS. The VCSBC4016 and VCSBC4018 have a resolution of 1,024 x 768 and 640 x 480 pixels, respectively, recording 16 or 32 frames per second.

The Smart Cameras come equipped with 4 MB Flash EPROM and 32 MB SDRAM for program and data storage.

An Ethernet interface enables live video display on a PC and serves to integrate the camera into existing automation environments. Additionally, the cameras feature two digital inputs, four outputs and eight TTL I/Os.

A high speed trigger input enables jitter-free image recording even at very high reading frequencies. Like all other Smart Cameras from Vision Components, the VCSBC4016 and VCSBC4018 are designed for use in rugged industrial environments and withstand vibrations and shocks.

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