Cooling pump is ultra-compact

Paul Boughton

Flowserve is releasing the Flowserve Guardian 3000 electronics cooling pump. This is Flowserve's first production pump designed for cooling computer processors and graphics chips in high-end consumer personal computers.

Measuring approximately 90mm (3.54in) in length and 36mm (1.42in) in diameter, the Guardian 3000 is also the smallest pump ever developed by Flowserve. While the largest pump ever built by Flowserve has an impeller diameter of 4.24m (13.9ft) and would fill an Olympic-size swimming pool in 25 seconds, the Guardian 3000 has an impeller diameter of less than 25.4mm (one inch) and would take nearly three minutes to fill a kitchen sink.

Flowserve's Guardian 3000 addresses one of the most daunting challenges facing computer and processor manufacturers today: how to cool computer electronic components within limited dimensional, cost and power budgets. An overhung centrifugal, non-metallic, magnetic-drive, seal-less pump, the Guardian 3000 uses patented motor technology and an innovative design to achieve the small form factor necessary to fit microcomputer and other electronic package applications.

The Guardian 3000 is powered by an integral brushless 12V DC motor and is designed for a minimum five-year maintenance-free life (units on test have successfully completed tens of thousands of hours of endurance testing and more than 40,000 on/off cycles).

Flowserve is proud to be leading the pump industry into this emerging marketplace and to be introducing Flowserve's technology to many non-traditional pump customers says Kirk Wilson, vice president of marketing and product management at Flowserve Pumps. While Flowserve typically produces industrial pumps for the chemicalpowerwaterminingand oil and gas marketsthe many innovations built into the Guardian 3000 showcase Flowserve's breadth of design and manufacturing expertise as a leader in the pump industry."

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