Battery charger with LDO mode

Paul Boughton

Texas Instruments’s 1-A, bqTINY is a single-cell lithium-ion (Li-Ion) linear charger with enhanced thermal fold-back regulation and low dropout power management.

The new 3 mm x 3 mm device will enable personal digital assistants (PDAs), cell phones, digital cameras and wireless headsets to charge more safely and efficiently from a battery charge cradle or ac adapter.

The bq24060 battery charger with integrated 1-A power FET and current sensor can withstand an input voltage of up to 26V. Designed to extend battery life, the device offers complete charge management capability with safety and low-dropout features. The bq24060 charges the battery in three phases required by battery cell manufacturers, including pre-charge conditioning, constant or thermally regulated current and accurate constant voltage.

The charger's algorithm reduces charge times, maximizes total charge and protects the battery from thermal and electrical dangers.

The bq24060 re-starts the charge when the battery voltage falls below an internal threshold, and it enters a low-power sleep mode when the external input supply is removed.

The high-performance linear charger integrates a reverse-blocking protection scheme to prevent battery drainage in the absence of the dc supply. In addition, the bq24060 can be configured to operate in LDO mode to allow the system to fully operate without the battery. The LDO mode feature is also useful for board test before complete system test during the end-equipment manufacturing process.

The bq24060 also has an over-voltage protection feature that protects the charger and the system during high-voltage conditions by quickly disconnecting them from the adapter. In addition, the bq24060's enhanced thermal fold-back regulation feature allows it to run continuously in harsh environments where the ambient temperature is high, such as in an automobile during the summer, or when connected to an incorrect adaptor with a higher input voltage.

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