ABS version of safety switch

Paul Boughton

Mechan Controls is announcing that a new slimline version of its popular Magnasafe MS6 machine guard safety interlock system is now available.

Originally only available in stainless steel, the new model is manufactured in ABS plastic and both switch and actuator are just 19mm wide.

The switch itself is 17mm high but, despite its small size, the MS6 now comes with up to three contacts - dual safety contacts and an auxiliary - so it helps to improve safety and minimise unnecessary stoppages.

Designed for use in demanding industrial environments, the new version of the MS6 is fully encapsulated and retains its IP67 rating. Like its stainless steel counterpart, it is designed for use on equipment that is regularly hosed down and is suitable for use in hygiene-critical industries such as the food, pharmaceutical and packaging sectors.

The new compact model features a 10mm non-contact switching distance and is both easy to install and tolerant to misalignment. Measuring 82.5mm in length, it offers a wide selection of contact configurations and comes with either DC or AC switching.

Mechan intends to make the new compact unit one of its mainstream products for 2006-7 and is pricing it accordingly. The ABS version will be priced from EUR56 (£39).

“The new slimline MS6 is designed to enable easy installation and will obviously save space on customers' machines,” says Mechan Controls sales director, Peter Knowles. “More importantly, perhaps, its safety features have been upgraded by making it available with three contacts rather than two. Based on these factors, the product's very competitive price and the continuing popularity of our existing MS6 products, we expect the new ABS version to be extremely well received.”

In fact the slimline version has already so impressed an American distribution company that it recently placed an order for 1500 switches, several weeks ahead of the product's official launch date. As a result, the product is now available for immediate despatch to customers in Britain, Europe and the USA.
For more information, visit www.mechancontrols.co.ukm


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