Stepper motor with integrated electronics

Paul Boughton

Omnimotor’s Shinano Kenshi SST43D2120 stepper motor with integrated drive electronics is based upon a compact NEMA 17 frame size. This motor presents the user with a 340 mNm holding torque capability in a package 42mm x 42mm x 52.5mm long.

This 24v/1.2A motor uses a high-energy, Neodymium magnet system to maximise holding torque in the smallest package.

The integrated drive electronics includes a clock pulse generator for variation of motor speed which can be done via control software and a pc. An external controller board with clock can also be used. An additional benefit of the integrated design is that size and customer wiring is minimised and contained in the smallest possible size.

In the future, driver intelligence will be developed - enabling the driver to operate with a simple logic signal for multiple operating modes.

Applications for this new motor include multi-axis movement applications, pumps and medical/laboratory automation. This motor can also be extremely useful in enabling development engineers to fully realise the potential of a stepper motor without necessarily having expert knowledge.

The motor is also available in many winding configurations to match application requirements as well as value added features such as gearboxes, special shafts and custom leadwire/connector assemblies.

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