Optical resolution doubled for mini sensor

Paul Boughton

Raytek has expanded the capabilities of its MI Series of compact, digital infrared (IR) temperature sensors.

Due to its miniature size and broad feature set, the MI is one of the top-selling IR sensors in the world. Now Raytek has combined these features with a new technology that significantly improves the optical resolution of the MI, tapping additional applications and allowing direct replacement of contact probes.

The new family of MI sensors can achieve up to 22:1 optical resolution and withstand ambient temperatures up to 180degC without any cooling. This allows accurate measurement of very small spot sizes in confined spaces and difficult ambient conditions.

The Raytek MI is a two-piece infrared temperature measurement system with a miniature sensing head and separate electronics, covering a temperature range from minus 40 to plus 600degC. The sensor is small enough (14 mm diameter, 28 mm length) to be installed just about anywhere, yet it performs as well as much larger systems.

The sensor is housed in a rugged, stainless steel enclosure with IP65 rating, to ensure long-term performance, even in harsh industrial environments. The MI electronics offers many signal processing features including emissivity, sample and hold, peak hold, valley hold, and averaging function, all of which are adjustable on a 5-digit LCD user interface.

The MI can be seamlessly integrated into existing control equipment or OEM systems.
Raytek MI Series sensors include an optional RS485 interface, which allows up to 32 sensors to be networked in a multi-drop configuration, reducing installation costs and facilitating the design of custom equipment. Raytek DataTemp software enables easy remote sensor control and data collection via a standard RS232 communication interface.

A big choice of models, optical resolutions, ambient temperature ranges, rugged industrial cables and accessories makes the MI the ideal sensor for practically any application in thermoforming and drying processes, paper mills, printing, paint booths, food and tobacco processing, and many more.

For more information, visit www.raytek-europe.com


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