Evaluation platform for microcontrollers

Paul Boughton

Enea and IAR Systems have announced that they have partnered with Oki Electric to offer a new evaluation platform for Oki Electric's family of ARM-based ML67Q4050 and ML67Q4060 microcontrollers.

The new evaluation platform will bundle Enea's OSE Epsilon real-time operating system and IAR Embedded Workbench with Oki's AME-51 evaluation board.

“Until now, developers have had to separately evaluate, purchase and integrate their debugger, evaluation board, and RTOS in order to start development,” said Mike Skrtic, manager for development kits at IAR Systems. “This has made the start-up and optimisation process cumbersome, wasting time and money. Now designers can hit the ground running with a pre-integrated evaluation board, RTOS, and IDE, everything designers need to develop and evaluate software for Oki's ARM-based microcontrollers.”

“OSE Epsilon's small footprint and hard real-time response make it an excellent platform for hosting ML67Q4050/60-based handheld and security applications with tight cost, size, and performance constraints,” said Anders Flodin, director of strategic alliances at Enea. “The AME-51 evaluation board bundled with OSE Epsilon and IAR Embedded Workbench provides an out-of-the-box platform for evaluating and developing optimised software for Oki's world-class microcontrollers.”

The ML67Q4050/60 is family of compact, low-power, 32-bit ARM-based microcontrollers optimized for handheld and security applications with tight cost and size constraints. Utilizing Oki Electric's WCSP (Wafer level Chip Size Package) technology, the ML67Q4050/60 is the world's smallest family of ARM microcontrollers. This small size, coupled with versatile power savings modes, makes the Oki microcontrollers ideal for handheld devices with tight size constraints. ML67Q4050/60 microcontrollers also feature integrated flash, making them ideal for security applications that require storage of sensitive personal information such as identification and billing data.

ML67Q4050/60microcontrollers operate from a single 2.5V supply and are available in several flash configurations. The ML67Q4060 and ML67Q4050 come with 64kB of built-in flash memory. The ML67Q4061 and ML67Q4051 come with 128kB of built-in flash memory. The ML67Q4050 and ML67Q4051 provide extensions for connecting external memories.

The AME-51 Evaluation Kit includes an AME-51 Evaluation Board, a USB J-Link JTAG ICE with cables, and an AME-51 CD with documentation, sample code, and a flash programming utility. The kit also comes with an IAR Systems CD, which features a 32kB KickStart version of IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM, and an Enea CD with the OSE Epsilon RTOS and a Board Support Package for the AME-51.

IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM provides a fully integrated development environment with a C/C++ compiler and C-SPY debugger for creating projects and editing, compiling, linking and debugging applications targeting Oki microcontrollers.

OSE Epsilon is high-performance, fully pre-emptive real-time kernel optimized for resource-constrained applications. Occupying as little as 4kB of memory, Epsilon features integrated error handling, a context switching speed of 300ns, and a worst-case interrupt latency of 1µs. OSE Epsilon also features a complete networking solution, including TCP/IP, a web server, an embedded file system, and Internet utilities.

For more information, visit www.iar.com