Flexibility for lighting displays

Paul Boughton

New LED modules mounted on two metre flexible strips are available from Abacus Polar providing a new look for lighting displays in shops, bars, restaurants, clubs and pubs.

The Osram linearlight range offered by Abacus Polar provides shop fitters and display designers with new and exciting options to surround displays and signage with illumination. The range of LED products is available in a multitude of colours to create modern and attractive designs for window displays, walkways, emergency lighting, signage and many more areas where controlled lighting is required.

Linearlight Flex consists of a 2.4 metre long strip of LEDs with flexible 3-D mounting which can easily create unusual and special lighting effects through its ability to bend. It emits light from the side, parallel to the mounting surface, producing an appealing corona effect around the contour giving a different look to lettering and illuminated signs. The strips are also available emitting light vertically, providing a wider range of available effects.

The Osram LED Connect System gives simple and quick installation for Linearlight light Flex by providing an adaptor for connecting the LEDs to a power supply or control unit, which reduces the cost of installation. With the experience and knowledge provided by Abacus Polar, Osram LED products are a ready made solution.

For more information, visit www.abacus.co.uk