Combination connectors simplify design

Paul Boughton

The recent increase in the use of portable memory cards has resulted in the steady introduction of different memory card specifications.

This large choice of memory card formats canat timesbe confusing and can pose a problem to engineers when they are deciding which format suits their product requirements the best.

To reduce the size of this problemFujikura DDK Electronics have designed and developed new combination memory card connectorswhich will accept a choice of different memory card stylesmaking the engineer’s decision easier and giving the user more flexibility.

The first connector is the 2-in-1 (MCH-D series)which will accept either Smart Media cards or Memory stick cards and the second connector is the 3-in-1 (MCH-C series)which will accept Compact FlashSecure Digital or Multimedia cards.

Both of these connectors have card detect switchesand the MCH-C connector also has a write protect switch.

Typical applications for these connectors include digital camerasprintersfax machines and a wide variety of multimedia products.

More recent additions include the MCH-L series and MCH-H seriesthe latter being a five in one connector incorporating smart mediamemory stickSDmultimedia and xD memory cards.

All of the products have been designed with PCB size being the main considerationso that multiple memory choices can be given to the end consumer.

The MCH-L series offers one of the smallest footprints available so far with card slots on the vertical plain onlythus reducing real estate needed in today's ever decreasing size of electronic products. 

Fujikura DDK is based in  ChessingtonSurreyUK.