First 6mm relay with strong mechanical pins

Paul Boughton

Invented 80 years agothe relay is undoubtedly the foundation of modern industrial automation. With such a long history one could easily assume that the industrial relay is entering its natural phase of decline with market consolidation and product “commoditisation”.

Wrong! Omronthe pioneer and market leader in the field of modern relay technologysees industrial relays as one of its core businesses and has heavily invested in developing a revolutionary line of 6mm plug-in relays suited for industrial automation.

With the industrial environment in mindthe G2RV is a real plug-in relay designed with strong mechanical pins that tolerate roughness. Also remarkable is that both socket and relay have been designed from the start as one smart unittaking into account labellingmarkingand ease of wiring with its push-in terminals. In spite of its slim designthe G2RV includes all the features of a true industrial relay like mechanical flagtransparent housing6 A and 400 VAC switching voltageand it sustains an electrical life of 100000 operations.

The G2RV comes in 6 different models covering input voltages from 12VDC to 230VAC. A wide range of accessories is availableranging from labels and cross-bars to a PLC interface unit to reduce wiring. The G2RV will expand further to cover more applications and more models.

Features include:

  • Strong mechanical pin.
  • Slim design.
  • Indication (mechanical flag and LED).
  • Screw and push-in terminal.
  • Max. current 6 A.
  • Max. switching voltage 400 VAC.

Omron Europe BV is based in HertogenboschThe Netherlands.