Automatic lead-free soldering systems

Paul Boughton

Originally part of the General Electric Company, Wembley brand products are now are now available exclusively from GELEC, previously part of GEC.

Two systems are available in the Wembley range - the WR-0813 Reflow System for SMT production and WS-0813 Wave Solder System for THC production. Both are CE marked and offer reliable high specification ovens which meet the lead-free regulations.

The Wembley WR-0813 Reflow System, which is suitable for boards up to 500mm wide, features up to 10 top and bottom heating zones and 2 cooling zones - each with independent control for temperature stability. Exceptional air circulation avoiding interference between zones maximises heating efficiency and an infrared compensation unit enhances heat transmission.

Other features include:

* Flux Filtration Unit.
* Cooling System suitable for N2 operation with optional industrial chiller.
* Automatic Safety Systems, such as over temperature and conveyor jam monitoring.
* Nitrogen system, with Oxygen analyser, designed for low N2 consumption.

The Wembley WS-0813 Wave Solder System incorporates an easy to use operating system based on the latest Windows software to control and display accurate temperature.

Features include:

* Intelligent Spray Fluxer.
* Pre-heating zone with choice of configurations.
* Single-slot Solder Pot Heating.
* Enclosed Pre-heat Solder Pot for N2 process.
* Enclosed cooling system.

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