Pumps handle aggressive materials

Paul Boughton

A new range of industrial gear pumps are being introduced by Michael Smith Engineers offering excellent corrosion resistance and optimum reliability thanks to a combination of simplified design and tough, non-metallic materials for all wetted parts.

Eclipse Pulsafeeder pumps are magnetically driven so there are no mechanical seals with contacting faces, which removes the potential for wear and leakage. This also eliminates the need for expensive seal flush systems that are usually required for other types of pumps incorporating double mechanical seals.

The pump's housing and gears are made from engineered fluoropolymers to ensure excellent corrosion resistances; this makes them well suited to applications involving hazardous chemicals and high temperatures. Also, a non-metallic containment can eliminate energy loss and heat rise due to eddy current losses, which can occur in metallic pumps.

Simplicity is a key design feature of the pumps, resulting in a significantly reduced number of parts; for example, the pump has16 parts in total, compared to 40 or more on typical metallic pumps. This feature, combined with the pump's front pull-out design, means that all normal wear components can be replaced without disturbing piping or motor connections and so simplifies maintenance and reduces down time.

The pumps are capable of dry running for up to 30 minutes, which protects them from damage caused by closed suction valves or empty supply tanks.

Eclipse series pumps deliver flows up to 4.5m3/hr at pressures up to 10bar; they can operate in temperatures up to 150 degrees C and are suitable for transferring liquids with viscosities up to 10,000cps. Typical applications including transferring acids, solvents, caustics, polymers, beaches, dyes, ink, cleaning agents or handling any medium to highly corrosive liquids in chemical processing, pulp and paper or water treatment industries.

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