Drives benefit form lower parts count

Paul Boughton

The new, patented, P-652-series Piline ultrasonic motor drives are suitable for OEM applications where space is limited and masses are small.

The drive design was optimised for moving small objects such as fibres, opto-mechanical components, micromechanics or MEMS fast and precisely.

Typically the P-652 replaces classical drive elements such as rotary motor/leadscrew assemblies or other linear motors in micro-systems. The main advantages Piline piezo linear motors offer compared to classical drives are high velocity, compact size and they are self-locking at rest without heat dissipation.

The P-652 has a very simple design, comprising an ultrasonic piezoelectric resonator and two lateral sliders pressed against it by a spring that doubles as a sled. The load to be moved is mounted directly on the sled, and moved by a force of up to 110mN. Each P-652 requires only these four parts, unlike conventional electric motors. Highly integrated electronics are available for 3V control. Because the excitation frequency of the driver electronics is self-adjusting to the resonant frequency of the ceramic motor, individual tuning is not necessary.

Integrating the P-652 is also simple because the moving sliders and the piezoceramic motor are delivered as a unit.

The highly compact, integrated piezomotor can provide accelerations of up to 2.5g and velocities of up to 80mm/s, together with high positional resolution and - compared to its small size - a high holding force.

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