Ultra-thin, low-noise amplifier module

Paul Boughton

Selecting the right highway exit or finding a pizza parlour will become increasingly convenient as new mobile phones begin appearing this fall using Avago Technologies' ultra-thin, low-noise amplifier with GPS capabilities.

The world's largest privately held semiconductor company today announced a low-cost solution for handsets that improves Global Positioning System receiver sensitivity to assure reliable satellite location of mobile phones. GPS shipment forecasts are expected to grow more than 30 per cent between 2006 and 2007, according to ABI Research.

Avago's MGA-635T6 low-noise amplifier (LNA) module is designed for handsets for carriers offering location-based services, and for meeting the US FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Wireless Enhanced 911 (E911) mandate for handsets.

The device also offers size and performance benefits throughout today's growing range of portable and mobile GPS-based applications such as navigation, mobile resource management and vehicle tracking.

This ultra-thin product will help our customers further reduce the size of the radio-frequency portion of almost any portable or mobile GPS-equipped product said King-Pieng Ho, worldwide marketing manager for Avago Technologies' Wireless Semiconductor Division. Although smaller and thinnerit still offers better performance thanand is extremely cost-competitive with other GPS and ISM-band LNAs on the market."

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