Pressure regulator suits high-purity gases

Paul Boughton

The Veriflo division of Parker Hannifin is launching a miniature point-of-use pressure regulator that is particularly suitable for valve manifold box or panel applications - to distribute high-purity gases to tools or locations in semiconductor fabrications and high-technology manufacturing sites and laboratories.

Despite a compact footprint of just 31.75 mm square (1.25 inches), the new VMB regulator offers excellent performance including a Cv of 0.1 and an ability to accommodate inlet pressures to 35 BarG (500 psiG).

VMB is a threadless style, non-tied, double-diaphragm regulator for pressure control of high-purity gases. Designed using the same dimensions as Veriflo's well-known Quantum valves and SQMicro regulators, it allows gas suppliers and panel builders to provide compact gas handling equipment and to minimise the space required in clean room areas.

The pressure regulator is designed for reliability and long life, and employs a spherical poppet design that self-centres - for repeatable positive closure. It accommodates inlet pressures up to 35 BarG (500 psiG), and can be specified in versions with outlet pressures from 2 to 17 BarG (1-30, 1-60, 2-100 and 3-250 psiG). This broad operating range, combined with the relatively high Cv of 0.1, means that the VMB offers a versatile and high-performance component for use in gas handling equipment, and one that can be purged rapidly.

Fabricated from 316L stainless steel, with Hastelloy C-22 diaphragms and an Inconel poppet, the VMB is available with either tube stub or face seal connections. For extended reliability and life, the valve features a PCTFE seat. The standard surface finish (Ra value) is 10 micro-inch or less, with a 5 micro-inch finish or less available as an option. VMB operates over a temperature range of -40 to +66 degrees C (-40 to +150 degrees F).

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