Non-metal expansion joints

Paul Boughton

The WahlcoMetroflex non-metallic expansion joints handle extreme heat conditions, as well as abrasive and caustic gases, while meeting requirements for economy of installation/operation and energy efficiency.

High reliability is achieved with innovative designs and features, such as the mounting of belts with steel channels, instead of flatbars, for stronger and more consistent clamping force.

WahlcoMetroflex employs two classes of advanced material for the belts in its non-metallic expansion joints: durable elastomers and rugged flouroplastics.

WahlcoMetroflex's Supratef series of flouroplastic materials are a combination of fluorocarbon resins for chemical resistance and specially-designed woven fibreglass reinforcement for high strength. Supratef fabric is engineered to withstand the ductwork's full temperature range, even without the added protection of WahlcoMetroflex's joint cavity insulation.

Each expansion joint is built to meet the particular requirements of each application, based upon various model designs that WahlcoMetroflex has proven and refined during its three decades of experience providing expansion joints for some of the world's most demanding applications.

WahlcoMetroflex has an extensive inventory of expansion joint raw materials, permitting it in many cases to manufacture a belt replacement in one day for immediate delivery.

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