Shaft couplings for hazardous areas

Paul Boughton

Flender Power Transmission, which is part of Siemens Automation and Drives, is offering an extensive range of ATEX-compliant gear couplings for use in hazardous areas. Included in the range are N-Eupex flexible jaw couplings, Arpex steel torsionally rigid couplings, and Fludex mechanical soft start couplings.

N-Eupex couplings compensate for shaft misalignment, are used in general mechanical engineering, and as high- and low-speed couplings for pump drives and conveyors, with torque ranges from 19Nm up to 6200Nm and 23 sizes. In cases of wear to flexible components, N-Eupex couplings will turn freely without metal-to-metal contact, which is of particular benefit in hazardous areas.

Arpex all-steel couplings allow for radial, angular and axial shaft misalignments, are maintenance-free and have torque ranges from 5Nm up to 10,000,000Nm. They are widely used in the paper and cement industries and in cooling towers. They have reduced backlash and offer lifetime operation when correctly aligned.

Fludex soft-start couplings are suitable for accelerating large masses smoothly, with excellent shock damping properties and a power range up to 2500Kw. Suitable for medium- and high-torque applications in conveyors, mixers, drum drives and cement plants, Fludex couplings provide torque limitation during start and overload and have excellent vibration separation and shock damping characteristics.

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