Design and development for solenoids

Paul Boughton

Aerco is now offering a specialised design and manufacturing service to provide customers with bespoke solenoids to meet particularly demanding or unusual applications or for when a standard product has become obsolete.

One customer that has benefited from this service was having problems obtaining a solenoid that had been used for many years in a mechanism for bowling alleys. The failure to locate a suitable replacement would have led to the early demise of this machine costing the operators many thousands of pounds. Aerco designed a new solenoid that replaced and improved upon the old design that will keep the equipment running for many years to come.

Aerco supplies and stocks solenoids from both Mechetronics and BLP and, in the majority of cases, can meet customer requirements with a standard product. However, this new service operated by the Aerco Designsupport team can provide solenoids that meet the precise specification in terms of physical form, types and ratings of coil, operating voltage, activation force, type of plunger and any other aspect of a solenoid that is required to meet a particular application. Solenoids can be designed to meet all relevant standards, including RoHS compliance.

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