Submersible pressure transmitter

Paul Boughton

Sensortechnics' new submersible pressure transmitter series KTE3000CS offers high-precision hydrostatic level measurement for pressure ranges from 2.5m water column (250mbar).

The transmitters consist of highly accurate and long-term stable pressure sensor elements based on proven ceramic technology with excellent media compatibility, and the housing is manufactured from highly chemical resistant PPS (polyphenylensulfide).

All KTE3000CS level probes are temperature compensated and supply a 4-20 mA output signal. A special cable with an integrated vent tube allows a true reference pressure to the sensor element, which eliminates errors due to barometric pressure changes. These level sensors can be widely customised to meet specific customer requirements. All KTE3000CS transmitters are EMC-compliant and CE-marked.

Important features of the new KTE3000CS series are: level ranges from 0-2.5m water column (0-250 mbar) full scale; chemically resistant PPS plastic housing; excellent media compatibility; compensation for temperature and air pressure fluctuations; and custom versions are available.

These new submersible level transmitters are particularly well suited to the level control of salty waters and all chemical and industrial level measurements where excellent resistance to highly corrosive and aggressive media is critical.

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