Air/gas mass flow and velocity sensors

Paul Boughton

Omron Electronic Components Business – Europe has added three new models to its D6F range of precision MEMS based air/gas mass flow and velocity sensors, to enable their use in a wider range of applications.

Offering high-precision monitoring of airflow at three litres per minute (LPM), the new D6F-03A3-000 is suitable for industrial applications, especially pressurised cable monitoring systems and pick and place machines in industrial automation.

Advantages of this new Omron solution include compact size of just 37mm x 8mm x 17mm, low current draw of just 15mA, and stable amplified analog output across the full scale. The exceptionally compact size of this device makes it suitable for bypass configurations, enabling use with much higher total air/gas mass flow rates.

Omron is also offering its higher flow rate series with an RC? screw port style connection. The new A6 range, designated as D6F-10A6-000, D6F-20A6-000 and D6F-50A6-000, shares the other features of the existing A5 sensors, and is ideal for measuring air/gas mass flow rate with high repeatability, at flow rates of up to 10, 20 and 50 LPM respectively. Both the A5 and A6 style sensors give precise detection of mass flows with a high repeatability of up to ±0.2 per cent and an accuracy of ±3 per cent full scale deflection.

The third addition to the range, the D6F-V03A1, is a highly efficient, low cost MEMS flow velocity sensor suited to applications such as building ventilation, clogged air intake filter detection and general detection of correct fan function. It has a compact size of 24mm x 14mm x 8mm and can measure air flow velocity from 0-3 m/sec with an accuracy of ±10 per cent full scale deflection. The sensor’s key attribute is its built in Dust Segregation System (DSS) which separates up to 99.5 per cent of dry air borne particulate matter (simulation result) helping to maintain performance characteristics of the sensor over its lifetime.

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