PDM system suits larger organisations

Paul Boughton

Solidworks Corporation has unveiled new software that will make it easy for large product development teams to securely share and manage enterprise data and engineering documents while ensuring version control.

PDMWorks Enterprise enables large or geographically dispersed design teams to work concurrently on product designs.

PDMWorks Enterprise is the latest product data management (PDM) software from Solidworks to help engineers and product managers work more efficiently in teams while automating workflow. “As a large company, we have design and manufacturing teams scattered around the region,” says Steve Moses of Tigercat Industries. “Teams in different locations have to collaborate daily, and we cannot afford to have version control issues or inefficient access to data. PDMWorks Enterprise allows us to work with Solidworks and other data as if we were in the same office, without worrying about errors that affect production or waiting hours to download large files.”

PDMWorks Enterprise provides: multi-site access to securely vaulted design data; scalability to allow hundreds of team members (including engineers, product designers, marketing staff and sales teams) to work on projects simultaneously; automated revision control; greater design reuse, allowing engineers throughout the enterprise to plug already designed parts or assemblies into other product designs; and automated workflow that notifies team members about design changes and ensures each project follows a company's specific approval process.

While PDMWorks Workgroup delivers CAD data management to typically smaller engineering workgroups, PDMWorks Enterprise helps larger organisations better control each design project while streamlining development.

“Large medical device manufacturers, global retail consumer product makers, and industrial manufacturers are just some of the enterprises that can have teams of hundreds of employees working on any of 50 or more projects a year,” says Solidworks CEO John McEleney. “Seamlessly managing all project information is critical to delivering better products that are delivered on time and within budget. PDMWorks Enterprise provides the automated processes and granular management of a project throughout its lifecycle to help companies compete more effectively in a global economy.”

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