DIN rail dc UPS eliminates downtime

Paul Boughton

On-board battery management incorporates ‘soft’ battery charger, deep discharge protection and overload protection to ensure long battery service life.

System power failures or voltage fluctuations can damage valuable equipment or machines and cause expensive system downtime and loss of production. The new UB10.241 dc UPS together with a suitable battery supply offers reliable and economical protection for 24Vdc systems.

The UPS input is isolated from the output to allow simple separation of system elements that require no-break power from non-critical functions. This ensures that back-up time is not reduced by supporting auxiliary circuits.

Under normal operation the system power supply charges the UPS 12V battery, should the supply voltage drop or be disconnected, the battery voltage is boosted to 24V via the UPS and supplied to the load as a regulated power source.

On-board battery management incorporates a ‘soft’ battery charger, deep discharge protection and overload protection to ensure long battery service life. PULS also offer a matching DIN-Rail battery module, the UKZ12.07 featuring a 12V 7AH maintenance free lead acid battery with on board fuse protection for safety and isolation purposes and connecting cables to suit the UB10.241 UPS.

The availability of the UPS is indicated by LED indicators for battery status, output diagnosis and wiring condition and relay contacts are available for remote signalling. The UPS is protected against wrong battery polarity, wrong battery voltage, incorrect input voltage and output overload. System hold-up time limit is end user adjustable between 6 to 32 minutes depending on battery performance.

Input voltage is 24Vdc and output voltage may be adjusted between 22.5 - 30Vdc. UPS output current is 10A continuous and 15A for 5 seconds peak. Operating temperature range is -25 to 60 deg C without derating and this very compact unit measures just 49 x 124 x 117mm and weighs 530g, an optional wall bracket is available for non DIN-Rail applications. Cable connection is made via bi-stable, quick connect spring clamp terminals with IP20 finger safe construction. The UB10.241 is CE marked and has full international safety agency approvals.

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