Systems gives access to 2D drawing, 3D modelling and documents

Paul Boughton

The integrated CAD/CAM/CAPP system Adem 8.0 has been released by Adem Technologies. One of the most important features of the Adem software is that the technical drawing and 3D modellingas well as technologicalarchiving and other functions of the systemare combined in the same working environment.

All the system tools are united in a single software suite.

Simultaneous use of the different tools to conduct various tasks in the same software package allows users to prepare for production with a minimum of human resources and in the shortest possible time.

The main automation tools contained within the Adem system are aimed at conducting the following tasks: renewal of cumulative knowledge; 3D and 2D modelling; preparation of engineering documentation; design of technological processes; preparation of technical and support documentation; programming of machines with a computerised control; managing archives and projects; and product design.

Adem Assembly is the latest sub-system to be added. This parametric subsystem of Adem 8.0 is designed to work with large assemblies. The CAD-environment of Adem is used to design individual details and assemblies. It is responsible for creating and managing both assembly units and the workpiece in whole.

The primary functions of the module are: import or direct loading of the models of details and aggregates; positioning them in space in respect to each other with the defined constraints (incidencecoaxialityperpendicularityetc); conservation of the conditions with respect to changing input data; animation (in correspondence with various rules); and associative connections with the data source for input details and units.

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