Safety relief valves for technical gases with pressures up to 100 bar

Paul Boughton

Gas technology specialist Witt is now offering its safety relief valves with opening pressures of up to 100 bar.

On the manual venting version a function test can be performed without dismanteling after the valve has been fitted. Until now these spring-loadeddirect-acting safety relief valves were only available for opening pressures of 0.5 to 45 bar.

The new models in the SV809/810 range are suitable for all pressure levels between 45 and 100 bar. In addition the Type SV810 features manual ventingto enable a safety test to be performed after the valve has been fitted.

Safety relief valves are required to vent excess pressures in receivers/vesselspipelines and other equipment. Light in weight at around 260gthis safety valve from Witt is suitable for all technical gases. The opening pressure can be set individually by Witt to meet on-site requirements. The valveswhich are available in brass or stainless steelcan be fitted in any position or orientation and their compact size means that they are easy to install.

Witt supply the new safety relief valves with a range of inlet connectionsa protective dust cap and an optional condensation outlet. These models comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EG Modules B and Fhave TÜV certification anddepending on gas type and valve sealfunction within a temperature range of -196˚C to 300˚C.

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