Decanters prove highly compatable with pure terepthalic acid

Paul Boughton

Centrifuge specialistThomas Broadbent Ltdcontinues to achieve success in the sale of large decanters for the dewatering Pure Terepthalic Acid (PTA) – an oil-based chemical used in the production of polyester fibres.

As demand for man-made fibres continues to increase at record levelsinternational textile and PTA (pure terepthalic acid) producers are currently upgrading and expanding production facilities with new and more cost-effective technologiesparticularly in areas such as ChinaIndiaTaiwan and Thailand.

Due to their high capacityrobust construction and durabilityThomas Broadbent Ltd decanters have proved to be highly compatible with the PTA – an oil-based chemical used in the production of polyester fibres – manufacturing process.

The recent upgrading of existing decanters for a Spanish producer has optimised the separation process and provided machines which are capable of increasing throughput by 25–40 per cent.

Broadbent PTA decanters are among the largest available and have already provided substantial cost-saving benefits for many international producers.

The company recently supplied PTA decanters to the Zhejiang Yisheng Petroleum Co Ltd. Ningbo(China) for use in its first stream production process. This plant was built under licence to an invista process design: completed in a short period of 22 months and was working to full capacity within one week of operation. Broadbent has already secured a second order to supply more machines for the same process.

Other recent orders include machines for the Zejiang Hualian Sunshine Petro-chemical Co Ltd (Shaoxing)the Oriental Petrochemical (Shanghai) Corporation and the Indorama Petrochemical Co (Thailand).

Broadbent PTA decanters are robust – providing operators with total reliability over long periods of operation.

On continuous duty (24/7) internal and external seals are lasting well over a year without attention or replacement. This is particularly beneficial to operators who previously had to replace these vital components every five months – causing additional expensereduced or lost production and costly downtime.

The machines require little attention and in many instances have extended periods between routine maintenance to a year or eighteen months.

The decanter’s heavy-duty gearbox – fitted with an anti-chatter device to smooth out high torque and reduce the effects of cyclic vibration – is highly suited to continuous duty and ensures that the machine achieves low cake moisture and high solids recovery whilst operating for long periods with little maintenance.

Development work carried out by the Broadbent design department has enabled one decanter (instead of the normal two) to continue processing up to 50 tonnes/hour of dry PTA powder whilst maintaining normal high quality product.

Thomas Broadbent Ltd is based in HuddersfieldUK.