Drives bring intelligence to Canopen networks

Paul Boughton

The new IDM640 and IDS640 Technosoft DSP intelligent drives offer a powerful Canopen communication option to motion automation builders currently using the Canopen DSP 402 standard.

Technosoft supports the popular Canopen protocol, which has emerged as a popular Can system for motion control applications throughout the world.

These intelligent drives embed motion control, drive and PLC functions in a single compact unit measuring 136 x 95 x 26mm. They are software-configurable for driving brushless, DC, linear or stepper motors up to 640W (80V, 8A). Lower-power IDM240 and IDS240 versions, up to 240W (48V, 5A), are also available. Typical feedback devices include: incremental, sin-cos, SSI, and Endat encoders, resolver; digital or linear Halls, tachometer (servo drives); open loop with or without an incremental or SSI encoder (stepper drives).

In addition to the DS-402 modes of operation - velocity profile, position profile (with trapezoidal or S-curve speed), homing and interpolated position (third-order PVT or first-order PT) - the IDM and IDS drives also offer other motion modes, such as electronic camming and gearing, with the option of adding a second motion reference generator.

Thanks to their embedded motion controller, the IDM and IDS drives can easily be programmed to independently execute complex TML motion functions. This drastically reduces the load of the master, which can simply call the motion functions and then wait for their confirmation. Motion programming can also be done via: the TML language of the integrated motion controller; a PC host using motion libraries (C, VB, Delphi, Labview); or a PLC using PLCopen libraries.

The Canopen interface enables machine builders to use a low-cost, high-speed serial communication bus, based on a simple twisted-pair cable, to link all the various motion control elements in the automation equipment.

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