Sealing solution for pipeline leaks

Paul Boughton

A Scottish company, Brinker Technology, has developed a solution to sealing costly and challenging pipeline leaks.

Its Platelet Technology utilises the fluid flow inside a pipeline to deliver specially designed, tagged Platelets to the leak site.

When the Platelets reach the vicinity of a leak fluid, forces entrain them into it and hold them against the pipe wall. This facilitates sealing and also marks the position of the leak for subsequent detection.

Platelet Technology takes a radically different approach to pipeline integrity in that it seals and then locates leaks in a single integrated process. Whereas conventional leak sealing techniques require direct access to the leak site, the elegance of Platelet Technology lies in its ability to be implemented remotely, mimicking the human body's leak sealing mechanism to work with the pressure in the line and seal from the inside.

Crucially Platelets are best deployed when there is flow in the line; this means that they can be injected as part of a routine pipeline operation causing minimal disturbance to production and, in some cases, removing the need to shut-down.

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