Sensors available in non-embeddable versions

Paul Boughton

New from Contrinex is a non-embeddable version of the M30 range of analogue, inductive proximity sensors that have a sensing distance of zero to 40mm, the longest sensing distance of any analogue sensor.

The Contrinex M30 range, introduced in 2005, has four times the sensing distance of conventional sensors. Sealed to IP67, these new non-embeddable sensors will find use in demanding applications and provide a cost effective alternative to expensive digital or encoder position feedback systems.

Typical applications will be on height position of machine tables, position datum alignment, transitional speed control, dancer-arm wire tension feedback controllers, reel stand accumulation checking and closing bridge realignment.

The sensors are available in two versions both with dual outputs. One operates from a supply voltage of 10 to 30VDC and has outputs of 0 to 5V and 1 to 5mA, while the other operates from 15 to 30VDC with outputs of 0 to 10V and 4 to 20mA. As the output signals are not ‘linearised’, very high position feedback accuracies can be obtained from these devices.

These sensors are very stable and protected against short-circuit, over voltage and power supply reversal. They are supplied in both cable and S12 connector versions.

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