Pump for forced lubrication duties

Paul Boughton

The Plenty Mirrlees TriroLub C100-3 has extends the C Range of triple screw pumps, providing a low to medium pressure option for forced lubrication applications.

The C100-3 builds on the SPX Process Equipment Plenty Mirrlees Triro pump capability, providing users with the benefit of low capital investment coupled with technology proven over many years of operating experience. It has been developed to comply with the API 676 Rotary Pump specification and the API614 Forced Lubrication specification.

Providing flows of up to 1200 l/m and accommodating pressures of up to 30 bar, the TriroLub is a modular design offering six mounting arrangements. Furthermore, it can be customised for tank top applications.

With a viscosity range of 2 to 5000cst, applications for the TriroLub C100-3 include: forced lubrication, fuel oil firing, lube oil pumping, petrochemical and chemical processing, marine and offshore engineering and general industry.

The TriroLub is a positive displacement axial flow screw type pump, containing a power rotor, and two idler rotors. The high accuracy machined threads of the rotors enfold the liquid being pumped, acting as seals in relation to each other and to the pump body or sleeve in which they rotate.

The power rotor is connected directly to the prime mover and as it rotates, the idlers turn due to the action of the pumped liquid. This action is in effect that of a piston moving continuously in one direction, providing a smooth uniform flow without pulsations. The chamber formed between two adjacent threads and the bore is known as a ‘closure’. It is the closure which contains the liquid as it moves through the pump as the screw set rotates the unfolding closures in the suction chamber.

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