MDI variants improve liquid stability

Paul Boughton

Huntsman Polyurethanes has launched two new MDI variants in its extensive Suprasec range.

Suprasec 4102 and Suprasec 1398 are designed to improve liquid stability and to allow easier material managementhelping to facilitate storage conditions and reduce costs for the manufacturers of adhesivescoatings and elastomer systems.

Suprasec 4102 and Suprasec 1398 can be used for the production of quasi and full pre-polymersreplacing pure MDI in the production of clear and liquid stable elastomeric pre-polymers for applications such as spray and cast polyurethane elastomersPU coatings and adhesives.

In comparison to pure MDIwhich needs to be stored frozenSuprasec 4102 is a liquid material offering improved lower temperature stabilitywhich means that it can be stored more cheaply and conveniently at room temperature.

In contrastSuprasec 1398 can increase the longevity of a liquid variant’s storage life without losing most of the characteristics of pure MDI.

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