US production facility for non-ferrous metal powder and particulates

Paul Boughton

ECKA Granules has established a US-based production facilities in OrangeburgSouth Carolinafor the production of non-ferrous metal powder and particulates as well as speciality products for powder metallurgical and other technical applications.

ECKA Granules has purchased the land and existing plant facilities formally used for the production of Pistons in Orangeburg South Carolina from Federal Mogul Power Train Inc.

The facility is being upgrades for the production of world class powder and particulate products for the USCanadian and Latin American markets.

Production will encompass products from all three of the core business unitsincluding red metals (copper-based metals)aluminium and magnesium.
ECKA Granules will utilise it state of the art technologies and process knowledge in the new facility to realise the demand of the customer base in the American marketwhich is generally seen as the most dynamic and innovative in the world in many key application areas.

According to Mr Gert RohrseitzGlobal President & CEO of ECKA Granulate GmbH & Co KGthis move is a significant investment into the American Market and is part of the strategy to improve the service to our US and regional customers.

It is also a response to the growing needs of the American customer base.

After searching the US extensively for locationsECKA Granulate GmbH & Co KGvia its north American divisionECKA Granules of America LPhad selected South Carolina and the County of Orangeburg as the preferred location based on the pro-business approach of the local and state governments as well as logistical and workforce advantages offered by the region.

ECKA Granules is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of non-ferrous metal powderswith 18 production units around the globe. ECKA’s performance is based in the high-performance areas metal-powder technologyalloying technologymetal-foam technology and nanotechnology.

MeanwhileECKA Granules has also taken over the complete production facilities of the company BSA Metal Powder Ltd in BirminghamUK.

The new company ECKA Granules Metal Powders Ltdwith a staff of 27 employeeswill be adapted to the production standards of the ECKA Granulate group.

The company principally manufactures air and water-atomised copper and copper-alloy powders.

An additional product range comprises powders of nickel and cobalt based alloys for thermal spraying and the diamond industry.

The production plant is also able to manufacture powders of stainless steel. 

ECKA Granules of America LP is based in LouisvilleKYUSA.