Rising plug valves help prevent failure through contamination

Paul Boughton

Parker Instrumentation has developed a novel rising-plug style valve for process instrumentation applications. It provides a reliable valve for applications where contaminated media could otherwise lead to premature valve failure.

Called the HRPV seriesthe rising plug valve’s design supports higher flow rates than needle valvesthereby helping to avoid the build-up of deposits. It additionally allows cleaning to take place by rodding. These features make it suitable for applications involving heavily contaminated media.

The HRPV series valve features an eight-turn actuation cyclewith a rolled spindle thread and smaller sealing area – thereby lowering the torque required when controlling high-pressure fluid flows and providing a long life. Despite the valve’s very high pressure capability – it is rated to 10000psi (689bar) – a typical actuation torque of just 25 pound-inches (2.82Nm) is required.

Two types of body are available: an inline two-port designand an inline design with a standard three-port gauge interface at one end. In its smallest 1/4inch female NPT versionthe overall body length of the compact valve measures just 60.5mm (2.38inches). 

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