World's largest solar array exceeds performance goals

Paul Boughton

The world’s largest solar power system  – located in BavariaGermany – is exceeding performance expectations since the solar photovoltaic array went live over a year ago.

Bavaria Solarpark has a total of 10 MW of power capacity and consists of three solar parks – in MuehlhausenGuenchingand Minihof – and the data accrued thus far indicates that PowerLight’s PowerTracker system is performing as designed.

“The performance of the 10 MW Bavaria Solarpark has been very strong” noted Janine SchellhornChief Managing Director of Deutsche Structured Finance (DSF). “Based on the consistent performance of this groundbreaking solar installationwe look forward to working with PowerLight and our other partners to develop additional large-scale systems at other sites throughout Europe.”

“PowerLight is pleased to report that our solar power system —featuring our patented solar tracking technology – is reliably producing clean renewable energy” said PowerLight’s CEO Tom Dinwoodie. “The scale and quick success of this deployment validates the market leadership of our PowerTracker system.”

“Good planning and system designhigh quality components and careful monitoring have resulted in the terrific yield that is being realised by this milestone solar power system – nowand for decades to come” added Mr. Klaus Kiefer of the Fraunhofer Institute of Solar Energy Systemswhich is involved in the monitoring and quality control of the installations.

Bavaria Solarpark was designed and provided by PowerLight Corporationusing its patented PowerLight PowerTracker system.  This innovative tracking system follows the sun as it moves across the sky throughout the dayproducing more electricity than conventional fixed systems. PowerTracker’s single-axis design is optimised to be reliablecost-effective and efficientthereby optimising project economics. With 6.3MW of solar PV in Muehlhausen and 1.9MW each in Guenching and MinihofBavaria Solarpark is comprised of a total of 57600 photovoltaic panels.

PowerLight served as the turnkey solar power system providerleading the project’s developmentdesigndeploymentand service.  The photovoltaic modules were produced by Sharp Electronics. Siemens AG provided electrical construction and equipmentsuch as inverters.

The solar power plant was built on fallow fields formerly used for agricultural purposes.The area provides ecological benefits; herds of Moorland sheep graze the pastures and keep the grass short under the solar electric panels and extensive vegetation areas were planted to enhance the integration of the project site into the surroundings.

Bavaria Solarpark was financed by Deutsche Structured Finance and the Solar Energy Fund Bavariaa closed fund.

Together with PowerLight and Siemensregional companies K&S ConsultingMax Boegl Group and Klebl GmbH  worked on the development and construction of the solar parks.

All three solar power plants began producing clean energy during 2004. Interconnection to the electrical grid was secured by the regional German utility E.ON Bayern and E.ON Netz. The German EEG guarantees a 20-year power purchase for electricity produced from renewable energy sources.

“During its anticipated lifetime –at least 20 years– the solar systems of Bavaria Solarpark will produce hundreds of millions of kilowatt hours of clean electricity“ noted Dinwoodie. 

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