More positioning time flexibility for actuators

Paul Boughton

Every control loop designed to control the mass flow rates of fluidsgases or bulk solids can only be as good as the design and dimensioning of the valve implemented.

SIPOS 5 actuators always have an integrated frequency converter. Thus a subsequent linearisation of the valve characteristic in the plant is possible due to the variable speed capability. The positioning time can be adjusted according to process necessities or events at any time by utilising the analog output speed setpoint function. SIPOS Aktorik now offers another possibility for optimisation with the stroke-positioning time function:

By defining up to five value pairs [position x[%]; positioning time t]the required positioning times may be set according to the process.

An entered positioning time tn describes the time from 0% (CLOSED) or the last entered position xn-1 to position xn. This procedure has the following advantages:

  • The values are entered without any conversions in the known values of position/desired positioning time.

  • Reaching of a defined position in a defined time.

  • Even extremely slow positioning times can be implemented. 

SIPOS Aktorik GmbH is based in NurembergGermany.


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