Detecting parts with ease

Paul Boughton

The new World-Beam QS18 laser adjustable-field sensors from Banner Engineering Corporation deliver high-performance sensing with a visible Class1 lasertightly collimated sensing beams and precision background suppression.

QS18LAF sensors offer reliable sensing at what is claimed to be an industry-leading price starting at only E114 ($139).

“QS18LAF sensors feature our compact World-Beam housing for the greatest mounting flexibilityyet they deliver high power and provide a sharp cutoff” says Brad Johnsonapplication engineer for Banner Engineering. “The narrow visible beam is perfect for small object detection and precision position control. The QS18LAF accurately detects hard-to-see objectseven on dark backgroundssuch as recessedmilled or bored holes that do not fully penetrate a material.”

The World-Beam QS18LAF sensors are an excellent fit when high power and small beam size are important.

They are suitable for a wide range of applications in the metal stampingpackagingmaterial handlingsemiconductor and pharmaceutical industries.

Examples include: detecting small transitions in a position control application; verifying the proper die in a stamping application; sensing small parts in a conveying application; detecting tiny features in an inspection application; and error-proofing in a packaging application.

Several features of the World-Beam QS18LAF sensors make them particularly easy to install and usesuch as: adjustable-field background suppression sensors sense
small parts of varying colours while ignoring the background; a crosstalk rejection algorithm protects against optical disturbance from adjacent sensors; a multi-turn potentiometer on the top of sensor models allows user adjustment; bright green and amber status LEDs are visible from 360 degrees; the compact housing has two
side-mount holes; an extensive choice of versatile mounting brackets is available; and four connector options are available: 2m or 9m integral cables4-pin Euro-style pigtail quick-disconnect and 4-pin Pico-style pigtail quick-disconnect connections.

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