Safety barriers granted BS compliance

Paul Boughton

The innovative range of plastic safety barriers manufactured and marketed by plastic extruders A-Fax Ltd have gained certification of compliance with impact loadings required by and laid out in relevant British Standardsprimarily BS6399 but also BS6180 which refers to BS6399.

Testing was formulated in conjunction with a testing and certification services company who constructed the necessary test equipment to allow a series of load tests to be performed on the barrier products under controlled conditions. The series of tests allowed determination of load impacts at various locations on the assembled barrier and associated barrier rail attachments as required by the standards.

The design of the barriers utilise the inherent properties of the polypropylene blend from which the components are extruded together with a assembly system to provide an economic barrier.

The fact that the barriers have been tested and now have certificationsays A-Faxputs an end to the argument that plastic barriers cannot be as strong as barriers made from other materials.

A-Fax Ltd is based in HalifaxUK.


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