Gravimetric metering feeder for granules

Paul Boughton

For gravimetric feeding of granules and free flowing bulk ingredients Brabender Technologie KG has developed the ScrewDisc Feeder with a novel metering principle.

A vertical screw on a rotating disc is arranged in a specially shaped transparent PUR outlet. A tubular PUR insert slipped on the screw serves as a screw tube. This configuration is the actual metering feeder. It is connected with a support structure via a lowering mechanism with integrated load cellwhich also carries the storage hopper.

The ThreeFlex handling system allows quick recipe changeover without tools in 3 steps. For discharge the feeder including the PUR outlet is lowered and turned into any desired position (1). The PUR outlet with screw and PUR insert is then also lowered and swung out for cleaning (2). PUR insertscrew and disc can
be exchanged (3).

The short inlet-outlet distance makes the feeder extraordinarily compact. The vertical arrangement results in reliable solid flow and 100percent screw filling. A 100:1 turndown ratio and pulsation-free flow due to grain distribution around the disc circumference are further advantages.

Two models are available as stand-alone loss-in-weight feeders or in multi-feeder configurations with up to eight feeders.

Brabender Technologie KG is based in DuisburgGermany.


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