Smart weighing systems

Paul Boughton

Minor ingredient weighing systems are conventionally based on labour intensive manual weighing operations.

Automation of such systems have generally suffered from negative restraints such as throughputcontaminationaccuracy and restricted feeder layouts with typical systems comprising of a central weigher with numerous feeders situated around it's perimeter.

The answer is the Smart Carta modular minor ingredients system providing contamination freehigh accuracyhigh throughput weighing with almost limitless layout capabilities.

Based upon mobile weigh carriages or Smart Cartsthe system comprises of static feeders arranged around a precision track upon which the carriages reside.

Bags or containers are loaded into the integrated clamp assembly on the Smart Cart to provide a receptacle for the scheduled weighment.

On receipt of recipe instructionsthe weigh carriage moves around the track to the required feeder stationscollecting the respective materials until the batch is completed.

The receptacle is then printed and sealed before being ejected to the accumulation system.

The system typically operates with accuracy levels of ±2g per weighmentwhile delivering throughputs of up to 5 bags per minute.

Each system can be further expanded by incorporating additional feed stations to increase raw materials and additional Smart Carts to increase throughput.

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