Stainless steel bite ring is fully corrosion-resistant

Paul Boughton

Stainless steel bite-type fittings come into their own whenever the highest demands for corrosion- and media-resistanceas well as pressure and temperatureare placed on a fluid system.

The Suparcased stainless steel bite-type ring from an American supplier was especially developed for aggressive internal and external media. The special geometry and thermochemical hardening process guarantee a permanently leak-proof and corrosion-resistant connection under the most extreme conditions. Typical usage areas are in the food and chemical industries and also in medical technology and machine construction.

An extremely hard edge layer of 20–25°m is generated in the Suparcase bite ring by a thermochemical hardening process; the corrosion resistance of the basic stainless steel material is thereby preserved.

The mechanical properties and geometry of the bite ring remain also unchanged. By this meanssays Parker Hannifinthe three essential functions of the bite ring fitting are guaranteed.

Parker Hannifin Tube Fittings DivisionBielefeldGermany.


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