Pipe stress analysis time reduced by latest software

Paul Boughton

Coade is releasing Caesar II Version 5.00an updated edition of the company's popular software for pipe stress analysis with a new look plus some significant new functional capabilities.

A primary enhancement of Caesar II Version 5.0 is a revised piping input processor that integrates graphicsspreadsheet and lists in a combined viewmaking the analysis process even more user-friendly and faster.

Sections of the model can be graphically editedspeeding the modelling timewhile the integration of the input processor with the error checker function makes error identification and correction operate in an intuitiveiterative way.

To simplify model creation and reviewrelevant sections of the spreadsheet can be 'torn off' and arranged on the graphics paneallowing the user to effectively customise the input spreadsheet layout.

An enhanced static output processor in the new edition lets the user easily build customreusable report templatesusing all Caesar II output data in any combination or order.

New in dynamic analysis is a consistent mass distribution technique that allows improved accuracy without the need to re-mesh the model.

The new version of Caesar II also bundles with each copy a license of Isogenthe industry standard for automatic isometricsthereby permitting the production of annotated stress isometrics directly from Caesar II. The program also includes piping codes EN-13480GPTC/192 and Z662 Ch. 11; updated codes B31.1B31.3B31.5B31.8B31.11ASME NCASME NDCODETITBK 5-6 and API 610; new vendor catalogues from Ameron and Conely FRP piping; Binder and Pihasa spring hangers; structural steel databases and more.

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