Electro-pneumatic valve range is based on fully configurable manifold

Paul Boughton

Festo is launching an electro-pneumatic valve family that allows full-featured automation systems to be built around a configurable manifold – which allows the functionality of a control cabinet to be replaced with a standalonepoint-of-use system.

Ease of configuration and access are fundamental to the design of the new valve familyknown as VTSAto suit users creating machines for demanding application environments such as continuous processes. Herethe advantages of a terminal with
industry-standard dimension valves compliant with ISO 15407-2 is complemented by modularity that allows systems to built with different pressure zonesgas zonesand electrical power isolation.

Festo is renowned for its innovation in pneumatic valvesand it has used its very wide application experience in this area to give VTSA a high degree of versatility. For exampleVTSA supports ‘hot swap’ valve changeoversenabling valve bodies to be exchanged without turning off the air supply to the manifold for reduced downtime and disruption. It is also possible to make all air connections face in the same directioneither to suit the space available or to offer an improved controls layout.

This focus on user-orientated detail extends to the gauges on the optional pressure regulator sandwich plateswhich swivel for easier setting and reading. Large easy-to-read labels can be clipped onto valves and sub-bases for instant commissioningfaultfinding and identification.

The VTSA terminal family includes over 150 new componentsranging from solenoid valves in all standard configurationsthrough sub-basessupply-platesend-plates and gasketsto a wide choice of vertically stackable components and accessories such as pressure and flow regulators and hot-swap adapter plates.

VTSA is compatible with both 18mm (ISO 02) and 26mm (ISO01) valves. A novel feature of VTSA’s design is its ability to combine both valve sizes in one installation without an adapter. This can save considerable installation space in the machine or control cabinet.

Electrical actuation can be achieved by configuring VTSA systems with terminal boxesmulti-pin connectionsor Festo's popular CPX modular electrical I/O system.

As standardintegrated diagnostics allow incorrect valve allocationscoil short-circuits or lack of a load supply to be indicated directly via LEDs. If systems are fitted with the CPX I/O systempowerful additional diagnostics are available via a handy plug-in MMI
(man-machine interface) or via the fieldbus system to help minimise downtimeincrease availability and reduce operating costs.

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