Sensors handle caustic washdowns

Paul Boughton

Sick is introducing the Inox series stainless steel proximity sensorsspecifically designed for meat processingbeverage and pharmaceutical applications where high-pressurecaustic washdowns are the norm.

With a one-piece V4A stainless steel housing (including the sensing face) and an enclosure sealed to IP69Kthe new Inox series sensors and the related connection plugs and distribution boxes enable Sick to offer a range of sensors for applications in food productionbottling and similar plants.

The sensors also offer a triple sensing range – a feature that is claimed to be in combination with a V4A stainless body. Sensing ranges are 1020 and 40mm for the M12M18 and M30 units respectivelyand a real end-user benefit is that these sensing ranges alter very little – even when faced with a stainless steel target.

The IM12IM18 and IM30 inductive proximity sensors are suitable for object detection in backup sections and fillers.

The triple sensing range enables a greater detection distance and the protected mounting and fully encapsulated V4A stainless steel housing take care of the rest.

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