High-performance bursting discs

Paul Boughton

Discs are specifically designed to meet stringent sanitary, aseptic CIP/SIP requirements

Through years of experience, manufacturers have developed specific bursting discs designed to respect sanitary pressure relief requirements.

The Fike S3 and SR-H are just two of the range of high-performance bursting discs, featuring technological innovations that are essential to clean-in-place, steam-in-place applications:

  • Easy to clean without removing disc.
  • Disc installation is easy with tri-clamp assembly.
  • Suitable for liquid and vapour applications.
  • Available with FDA-approved gasket materials: Silicone, Vitron, EPDM or Teflon.
  • Meets 3A Standard.

The S3 bursting disc is specifically designed to meet the stringent sanitary, aseptic CIP/SIP requirements of the biotech, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries.

The SR-H's hygienic/sanitary design makes it easy to clean without removing the disc, and no special rupture disc holder is necessary.

The SHX bursting disc is a forward acting, cross scored disc, suitable for operation in liquid or gaseous systems, and designed for higher pressure applications

Sanitary and hygienic accessories:

  • BCH Burst Indicator. The BCH Burst Indicator is specifically designed for use with Fike Hygienic/ Sanitary service pressure relief devices to provide instantaneous notification of the bursting disc activation. That translates into additional insurance from costly over-pressure incidents. And the BCH burst indicator is quick and easy to install, saving you time and money! It can be ideally combined with the Fike SIM ‘Plug-and-Play’ centralised annunciating units to facilitate monitoring and alarm.
  • Clamps and Ferrules. Fike sanitary bursting discs are designed to fit between standard Tri-Clover ferrules and a No 13 MHHM clamp. They can also be used with flush mounted NA Connect fittings.

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