Module for integrated ac servo motors

Paul Boughton

JVL Industri Elektronik launching another new expansion module (MACOO-FS1) for its integrated MAC AC servo motors.

It can be used in multi-axis, high-speed applications with up to 255 units on the same RS485 bus with repeaters.

Four inputs and two outputs, position, error status and other information is scanned locally and can be read very quickly from a PC or PLC. For example, 16 motors can be scanned in just 12ms.

New positional data can be sent to 255 motors in just 133ms. This is a very important feature in machines where multiple axes must be adjusted quickly and simultaneously.
All motor parameters can also be read/written to, and a group command can be used to write to several motors simultaneously.

All 24V I/O and RS485 ports are galvanically isolated to ensure error-free function. Two of the four inputs can be set up as a limit switch.

Dual supply ensures position and communication information is retained following an emergency stop.

Up to 921.6kbit communication and other connector types can be delivered on request.
The new extended features in the FS1 expansion module are fully supported in the new improved Maccomm OCX (ActiveX component). This component is said to make it easy to develop Windows software such as Visual Basic applications, Labviews, etc, that can control up to 255 MAC motors.

The modular construction of JVL’s integrated MAC motors makes them particularly well suited for a large number of fieldbus applications.

The series also includes Profibus, Canopen (DSP402), Devicenet, USB and Bluetooth models.

New modules are under development, including, for example, models for Ethernet and Zigbee wireless communication. 

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