High-efficiency dc motor operates in harsh conditions

Paul Boughton

Astrosyn International Technology has delivered the first of an advanced design of permanent magnet dc motor designed for operating at very high efficiency.

Developed to drive an air conditioning compressor for a tracked vehicle operating in harsh environmental conditions, the motor has to be installed in a confined space with high ambient temperatures and in a dusty atmosphere. To meet these requirements, the high-efficiency design was deemed to be essential in order to minimise losses and draw only a low input current.

The design incorporates rare-earth permanent magnets, low-loss lamination steel and novel designs in the windings and construction. These features enable the 3.0kW, 28Vdc motor to achieve an impressive 87percent efficiency at a rated speed of 2500rpm and with an output torque of 11.3Nm. For short periods the motor can provide a peak output power of 6.0kW at 85percent efficiency. The totally enclosed fan-cooled design is rated at IP54, and the flange and shaft dimensions are built to the customer’s specifications.

Despite being designed primarily for use in rugged vehicles in arduous environments, the motor is also expected to find applications in the rail industry. 

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